Resume also matters when it comes to apply for MS. The university considers your application as a whole so taking resume for granted is a big No. student often seen spending much of the thoughts and time writing their Statement of Purpose and they give less importance to this crucial factor. Well, to the best of my knowledge you should not delay this one considering it an overnight job. Students make many mistakes while making resume as they end up compiling it in the 11th hour. So, this time I thought to guide my reader about the ideal format of Resume for MS.


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  • Firstly, think on the content. The content should be relevant to the one who is reading it. You are intended to write a resume in such a manner that it impresses the university personnel. The personnel should get what he is looking for. If you are applying for MS, then the number of publications, work experiences in the related field, requisite skills is all you should be focusing on. Do not put irrelevant information.


  • Content of the resume

Never include reference section and objective section in the resume

  1. Give full name and basic contact details like phone number, email id, website, and address.
  2. List education qualification in reverse chronological order with percentage.
  3. Work experience/ research/internships
  4. Publication
  5. Academic projects
  6. Special skills
  7. Honors
  8. Extracurricular activities
  9. Personal detail: date of birth, nationality, gender, mother’s and father’s name.
  10. Declaration


  • Keep the language right. Instead of using full sentence use phrases. Mostly use action implemented verbs. Write in first person and do not use passive voice. High light achievements, projects, work experience with bulletins. Quantify thing, use number if possible. E.g. President of student’s magazine in college and improved circulation to 40percent that year.


  • Use standard font and standard font size. Mention links with full http address. Hyperlink may not open sometime. Keep white spaces balanced and do not use dense blocks. Make it easy to read.


  • Last but not the least, keep the length of the resume limited to 1.5 pages. 2 is allowed but only when you have too many projects and publications. Even experts and professional can confine their resume in 1 page so you can obviously do it. It does not matter how much you have done, the length is 1.5 and it is fixed.

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