They call Germany as a land of quality education and immense opportunities. There must be questions racing in a student’s mind about student life, culture, education etc and we are here to answer them. The land of Germany has much to offer you and in a very affordable and amazing cost. The education in Germany is famous worldwide because of its unique design of course and of course the fees structure. Our article is to know more about Germany and its education system, so let’s begin our journey to conquer the relevant thought about this country.


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You are eligible to undergraduate program if you are a 12th passed student; to MS program if you carry a relevant graduate degree ; and for PhD program if you have a graduate degree, a post graduate degree. Keep in mind the admission in to German universities is a tough business so to get through it you need a good score in all the academic courses or degree you hold. A decent score coupled with some other plus point can only get you admission in these universities as the German’s are known to grant admission only on merit basis. They do not discriminate on the basis of caste, creed, language, or country.


Language barrier:

There are courses available in German as well as in English but a little of proficiency in German language will help you to have a better Student life in Germany. For courses in German language they command you to have high proficiency in their language. There are some universities which also offer basic German courses before commencement of the degree course. Do check for it.


Cost of study in Germany:

Where all other countries leaves you with no financial back up at the end of the course and put you under huge burden of loan, Germany offers you free education or  minimal fees for admission. Maximum states in Germany offer you this kind of fees structure. There are private as well as government universities in Germany. The fees structure of private universities is quite higher than government universities.


Top universities:

Germany has many of its universities ranking among the world’s top universities. The popular universities in the country keep on changing on the basis of various factors every year. That is because each university strives hard to maintain and improve its position every year.

How to apply?

The application process is not that tough if you have all the relevant documents and known to all deadlines. You can get admission into German universities two times a year that are during summer intake and winter intake. You can look into their website and fill form online following the instructions and also mail them offline if asked by the universities.


Visa process:

The visa process is not that complicated as compared to other countries visa process. If you have relevant and authenticate documents you can make smoothly through the visa process. Just be confident and presentable during the visa interview. A pre-interview preparation will help you to know about the question asked in the interview.


Part-time Jobs:

You can work for part-time in the country. Just be sure of the rules and regulation endowed up on you with your visa. The immigrant’s job rules are very stringent and any action tending to break them can cause your deportation. You are required to take permission from your university, if the university does not object you can work. If you get a job on campus then you are less required to worry about these stringent rules.


Job opportunities:

You get an extension of 18months after your degree program that is more than 1 year. You can utilize this time period to search job. There are jobs available for skilled person in Germany with high pay salary.



There are limited scholarships available for international students. But they are still plenty. You need to take care of the requirement of the particular scholarship and it deadline to apply.





Student life:

The German are the people who work hard and party harder. They are focused on their aim as well as enjoy life to the fullest. Their love for beer is evident from all their acts and the famous festival called Oktoberfest. The international students tend to blend in their culture very soon. The student life is amazing out there in Germany. With the German visa you van travel other European countries also.


Public transport:

The public transport in Germany offers you excellent connectivity both intercity as well as intracity. You can take trains, tramp, local metro and buses as a mean of transportation in the country. The German railway system offers you trains that are never late. You can even seek to buy or rent bicycle if you are confirm with your accommodation to travel in the city. The bicycle may cost up to 50-60euros.



The climate of Germany can be quite extreme cold marking huge difference in temperature between day and night. So it is advisable to pack enough warm clothes with you. The conditions in Germany will completely different that from India.

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