Steps to Apply for Visa


You have your admit card in your hand and visa seems the final piece to the study abroad puzzle. You may have pre-interview jitters as well as constantly worrying about the perfect answers for the questions asked by the Visa officer. Sometimes they are tricky but can be easily tackled. There is not as such any universal procedure for getting the visa. Some countries have very stringent rule while some have relaxed. Making it through visa interviews is just following some step scrupulously. However, it is somewhat similar for all the countries. So let’s begin

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Points to remember

  1. Present all the requisite documents. The documents can be acceptance letter, bank statement, etc
  2. Cite the period you are going to stay in the host country clearly
  3. You should present financial certificate supporting your stay in the host country. Remember your main purpose should be convincing the VO that you can afford your stay and education in the country on your own.
  4. If you mention about having a guardian in the host then you will also require a signed letter mentioning support from them.
  5. If you have secured your scholarship then do mention its valid time period, the amount and how you secured it.
  6. Apply early. In this way you can cope up with inordinate delays in case if they occur. So it is advisable to apply before 6 weeks your arrival date.
  7. It may happen that your visa gets rejected for certain reasons. You should not lose your heart at this time. You can apply gain. One of our readers made it through in the third attempt. So there is always a second chance and in this case even a third chance.
  8. If you have people financially dependent on you in the country make sure to address how they will support them when you are not in the country.
  9. Mention the date on which you will travel to the country.


List of the requisite documents

  1. Acceptance letter from the university.
  2. Document mentioning your course name, duration, financial certificate, sponsor certificate, and scholarship certificate if any.
  3. Recommendation letter from the university or college of graduation.
  4. Work experience certificate from your employer as well as a recommendation letter from him.
  5. Your academic score cards, transcripts and proof that you have completed all the module in your term course.
  6. Certificate of achievements if any.
  7. Score card of GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS, GMAT or any other exam you have attempted.


Other important details

  1. Check your passport valid. Renew in case of expiring.
  2. Provide your recent passport size photo to the visa office. The background of the photo should be white.
  3. The payment of the visa application in due time before submission.
  4. The bank statement should be recent and not older than 30 days.
  5. A certificate validating your work experience.


Interview process

The interview process may seem burdensome but today’s technology has made it easy in many ways. You can book  the date and make payment online. The visa interview is not that tough if you follow up with requisite documents honestly. Do not forge any documents. Your forging in the documents can be detected quickly by the visa officer. Also, answer each question honestly. Do not manipulate your answers. Keep your answers short but efficient. Visa personnel have to through numerous interviews and they search for an efficient interview rather than long ineffective talks. Dress well, feel confident and arrive before these are basic of etiquettes and must follow these.


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