Every year lakhs of students go to U.S.A  for taking Higher education. No doubt U.S.A education system is one of the best education systems in world. Over 1 lakh Indians study in the U.S.A. at present. The ratio of student’s from India going to U.S.A increasing every year.

There is a consistent increase in the number of students from India going to  USA  for better education system and the student visa applications in the academic year 2013 – 14 is increased by 15% this year, Jennifer A. McIntyre, Consul General of the U.S.A. Consulate said on Tuesday when talking in press conference Chennai.

Over 1 lakh Indian students are  currently studying in  USA , she said. India has been among the fastest growing sources of foreign direct investment into the United States, exceeding 28 billion dollars in 2012, Ms. McIntyre said. Bilateral trade between India and the U.S. had grown from around 26 Billion Dollars to around 63 Billion Dollars in the last seven years and it was expected to touch the 100 Billion Dollar mark soon, she added.

In comparison of year 2010- 11 to 13 -14  is up by 15 %. We all know that VISA Process for USA is no simple. But from last two years many Indian students getting VISA easily so the number  of students going USA also up from last two years.

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