Which one is better france or germany?

Study Abroad Q&ACategory: Study AbroadWhich one is better france or germany?
Anonymous asked 3 years ago

Which is better option for study abroad France or Germany? Please suggest.

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Study Abroad Staff answered 3 years ago

german education system has many benefits like quality education with nominal or free of cost and good career opportunity after your completion of degree program. but getting admission in these university is quite difficult as the admission is only on merit basis. so you will need to have very strong academics and a good score in qualifying exam like GRE and IELTS. the country gives you 18month extension after the degree program which you can utilize for hunting job. moreover a degree from German university means a best of degree in the world.
Whereas France provides you both practical and theoretical approach in studies, job are also available in this country. the extension period is only 1years. while the education is system is more like expensive. tuition fees and living expenses are much higher in this country. this country also provides you a quality education. if requires academics 50% and more and IELTS EXAM.
so both countries have two sides. if you want to apply for german universities you must be ready to face competition while you can get admission more easily in French universities