Study in US after completing LLB from India

VK Chhibba asked 3 years ago

Kindly advise the future, the coure/study available in US after completing LLB from India (University of Delhi. Also please advise the future expects there with regards

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Study Abroad Staff answered 3 years ago

hello,  you can apply for LLM degree in USA The cost of an LLM degree in the US can be quite significant, and can easily be anywhere between INR 30 – 60 lakhs for a one-year program. Tuition in the US is already very expensive, but a substantive component of this is the high living cost there. Many US universities such as New York University, Boston University and Northwestern University offer online LLMs. An online LLM offers few advantages over a classroom LLM – it can be taken by lawyers who can continue to work in India, while pursuing the degree, they do not need to incur living costs in US (this is the biggest cost advantage) and in some cases tuition fees may also be low