Study abroad vs IIT /IIM

Studying abroad seems a bothering task to everyone. Each one has their different reasons to avoid going abroad education. Some think only millionaires and billionaires can make into foreign universities; some think it is completely necessary to have our relative or friend in abroad; and some are of the thought that why go abroad when we have such nice universities. Some might fear of the tough course and curriculum of the new and advanced education. But to answer you all I would like to cite all the reasons above does not at all count if you really wish to gain high quality and renowned education.


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Talking about the education system in India, it is obsolete. The Indian still follows the British education system prevalent before independence. The Britishers themselves changed their system and we are still following it. Moreover though we have third largest education system in the world, only one (just recently added in the year 2015) of the college ranks among 200 universities of the world. Not even all IITs and IIMs. The competition we face to get admission in these universities is much greater than competition witnessed in top 20 universities of the world. (Ouchhhh, But this is the reality). Why to face unnecessary depression and discouragement when you can get admission in world ranking universities with great deal of skill set. To add to it the stats shows that no skilled person is graduated from the universities and colleges of our country. Though this seems to be a point likely of no concern but has damaging effects on future of the country.

Still why Study abroad can be a choice?

  • You can study and return to your own taking the degree. Even if you have degree from IITs and IIMs, people even not of our country seem mad about it. The foreign degree can earn you with great job and secured future even in your country.
  • You can study and work for few years. This way you not only study but also again experience and gather skills in your field.
  • You can settle down in foreign country. The universities can also be selected on the basis of countries which have less strict immigration law.
  • We all know we fall short for university ranking on a worldwide scale. On the other hand education in abroad gives you opportunities to get associated with the world ranking universities.
  • Immense opportunities and job in your field is waiting. In India many of the graduates end up doing something not related to their field just because of lack of opportunities.
  • You get the chance select ‘electives’ in your course. That is in other words you can study other fields also. Of course this is matter of choosing your subjects carefully but experimenting one field with another can generate new ideas undoubtedly. Any knowledge is not waste of time.
  • The education system in abroad design their curriculum which gives you practical as well as theoretical approach making you skill efficient and ready for job market.
  • You get introduced to new horizon in technology and sciences. This provides you wide exposure which you will never witnessed in your country. You not only study but prove simultaneously that you are adaptable to any environment proving your versatility.
  • The foreign education have its own perks like free health care, free library, discounts in restaurants and in shopping etc in the foreign country.
  • Moreover you can travel world. Get know people, build network, get use to foreign environment.
  • The main fact is they want Indians. Indian students are excellent with mathematics and sciences as well as looked up on as potential inventors in worldwide scale.

The number of Indian students applying to foreign universities has been increasing drastically over few decades and this of course not because the richest have started producing more kid. Many of the Indian families have realized that the cost of education in other countries is affordable and sometimes less as compared to private institution in India. Even bank loans and other financial aid such as scholarships, fellowship and assistantship can help you to lower down the pressure of financial burden after completion of your degree program. So to evolve and to experience new trend combined with best degrees in the world, a study abroad life is the best option for you. Think on it and act!!!!!

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