This is a never ending debate for many of us. People share chasm on this topic and with each debate come new puzzles. It is hard to convince everyone about your choice. To this we would say if you are convinced enough and confident about your decision then it hardly matters if no one shows confidence on the decision. But still if you want to, you can show this article to your family. This will surely help them to convince about the opportunities waiting for you away from your home land. We are sure this article will make your family and even you more firm about your decision.

You have immense advantage of studying abroad but very few and most important ones are listed below.



  1. Practical as well as effective approach

Okay let’s face it we hardly made our own assignment during our graduation. We would mostly copy it from Google or the ‘Brightest’ student of the class. Our Professors and teacher were aware of it and even they accepted it. Well this is not the way abroad education system works. They will straight away consider your copied assignment as plagiarism and will reject it. They give you enough theoretical knowledge as well as practical experiences so that you understand the concept thoroughly and write a comprehensive report on your own. They work in betterment of their students and not only to sell education for money.

  1. Research Oriented

In abroad you deal with real research and with that I mean you actually tend to do research on world’s new technology and concepts. While here in our country the scenario is different, you may just work for maintenance of the research work or carry forward another person’s research work. Education system in abroad is welcoming toward new ideas. They encourage you to indulge in research and create work of your own. If you have an idea then they make sure your idea counts.

  1. Broad Exposure

You are networking with people from different countries. You come across various cultures as well as recent inventions from all over the world. You begin to think in a broader perspective. You also tend to work thinking globally. You get an international platform to show case your competencies and talent. Moreover you experience the environment ‘Work hard and party harder’. This motivates everyone to do their best in the work. Students never say they are under stress or feel pressurized because of the vast and advance curriculum. They enjoy healthy competition with other people. They not only compete with people from their country but also with students from all over the world.

  1. Sense of Responsibility

You leave your home land far behind. In your home land you were pampered and taken care by your family. We do not blame you for this. Indian parents are very protective towards their children and even we become used to it. When you are in other place, you develop to be self-reliant. You manage your food, living, part time job and every other thing on your own. You develop a sense of responsibility in you. Many a times it is seen student from different countries and background come along and help each other through thick and thin during their stay. They take responsibility of them as well as their friends. This really boosts to maintain a strong bond even after the degree program among students.

  1. Immense opportunities

It does not matter from which field you belong; there are numerous opportunities in every field. The jobs in abroad are vast and require people with varied skills. We often face competition in every sort of job vacancy here while there you can get jobs if you have  requisite skills and knowledge. About 75% of the student get hired by the recruiters during their degree program while from the remaining some chose to come to India serving own country and some obviously get jobs after their degree program.

So with all these benefits even if you have a shadow of thought about doing Master’s in abroad, go for it. You will never regret your decision.

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