Study in Australia


Are you guys aware of the fact that Australia ranks third among most popular study destination for students. Australia attracts everyone, undergraduates, summer trainees, post graduates and PhD aspirants. Students find Australia a very safer choice as compared to USA and UK. Those students, who fail to get admission in UK and USA, make way to Australia and they secure a decent university. In the period when Singapore and Malaysia are offering quality education at somewhat affordable price, Australia still manages to attract a huge number of international students every year.



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This article will let you know more about study in Australia and solve all the queries related to it.

Why Australia?

This question has popped in your mind just when we said Australia ranks third among popular destination. What is the reason that makes Australia so popular? There is not just one single reason friends, but there are many. Let’s list it down.

  1. You find a huge number of universities in the country. The universities are renowned and hold a reputable image in the world. You can find universities in great locations such as Sydney, Perth, and Melbourne etc.

2.’ The Group of Eight’ is a known term to all those who aspire to study in Australia. The term refers to eight universities which are exemplar in academics.

  1. Australia offers you world recognized degree.
  2. Out of 30 top cities that are popular for student’s education, cities of Australia bags five position.
  3. Universities from Australia are successful in producing 15 noble laureates till now.
  4. The Australian government and even universities spends a huge amount of money on scholarships of international students.
  5. You can find strong network of Indians in major cities
  6. You earn the opportunities to explore natural beauty in Australia.

Top Universities

You can see a tough competition among universities of Australia to strive to be the best. As we closely observe, every year a different university overtakes the one on the top. There is always a neck-to-neck competition. Still according to our study top five universities of last year were University of Queensland, Australian National University, University of Sydney, and University of New South Wales.

Course Options Available

International students have the option to choose from variety of courses. They range from vocational courses to English language certification. Masters program in variety of field and research programs in PhD are also available. Students those who are willing to apply to undergraduate studies are also welcome.

Application Process

The application process is very simple. Most Australian universities ask applicant to go through easy online application. After they have gone through your application, they command you to send certificates via post. Once they approve application, they send invitation to take secure admission in their invitation. You can use this confirmation for visa process.

Admission Requirements

You should meet admission requirements specified by particular university. The requirements may vary with universities. The general requirement for an undergraduate course is of minimum IELTS band 6. The minimum requirement for post graduate courses is IELTS band 6.5 to 7. Also you require having a relevant undergraduate degree. Many universities command good score and publication as mandatory criteria for post graduate studies. For MBA, you are required to have 1-2 years of experience before applying.

Cost of Studying

The cost of living and studying may vary depending upon universities and courses selected. Also way of living plays an important factor in deciding cost. A fulltime undergraduate program may cost up to 33000 US dollar. The cost of medicine courses is even higher. On the other hand post graduation courses in major universities can cost from 20000 US dollars to 37000 US dollars. Experts advice to set aside amount of 20,000 dollars for living and food.

Scholarship Programs

There are lot of opportunities where you can secure a decent scholarship. Australian government and universities offer many scholarships to international students. A huge amount of 200,000,000 dollars is spent on scholarships for international students. You can apply for them when you secure admission in the university.

Part-time Jobs

Students are allowed to do part-time job during their course degree. Students are allowed to work for 20hours per week during their semester term while they work for 40hours per week during vacation. A number of jobs are available in shopping malls, café, restaurants. Students can also research for relevant internships and fellowship. This way they gain practical knowledge about the course.

Job Opportunities

Australia offers great opportunities to those who excel in academics and bear patience. Australia is always welcoming toward those who are passionate about their career and knowledge. Student’s visa can be extended which can be used to search jobs matching your profile.


Universities offer campus accommodation. International students can get accommodation, if they apply for it in prior time. The price also varies from university to university. Students are promised safe and secure environment in university accommodation. The other option available is to stay with host family. The host family is sometime selected by your university. The family offers you food also. You tend to live and learn Australian culture with them. Students also rent apartment and share them. This turns out to be quite cheaper when sharing a apartment. You share everything and plus you make best of friends there.