Did you know in Asia, Malaysia is the most preferred study destination among international students? Malaysia is currently on 11th rank in the list of most desired study destination. You will be surprised hearing the number of international students in Malaysia. Malaysia provides education to over 1 lac international students. Such a big number, right?




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Malaysia is indeed truly Asia

But just some number will not convince you. So why are we suggesting you to study in Malaysia? Here are the reasons to convince you, why Malaysia can be your host country.

  1. Malaysia projects a strong educational system globally
  2. Courses are available in English
  3. Major areas such as science and technology, engineering, biotechnology, medical sciences make traditional strength of education.
  4. Polite and kind native people
  5. Strong network of Indians.
  6. People from South India are already settled in a great number.
  7. Affordable cost of living.
  8. Renowned education hub- Educity@Iskandar
  9. International airport connects to almost all cities of India
  10. Nature’s beauty and a fabulous tourist spot

You will find application process in Malaysia quite easy. This is achieved by intervention of Education Malaysia Global Services. EMGS is responsible for passing student’s application to a specified university and also to inform approval of them to the students. EMGS also takes part in granting visa to students.

Top Ranked University of Malaysia

The education system of Malaysia is strong and striving hard to achieve even better place each year. The universities are less in numbers but offers quality education to all. Some of the top universities of Malaysia are

  • Universiti Putra Malaysia
  • Universiti Teknologi MARA
  • Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Universiti Malaya

Cost of living in Malaysia

The cost of living may vary on various factors such as course, university and standard of living. Moreover private institution will charge more than institutions run by government. To an average it can cost up to 14000 US dollars for a 4 years degree program in Malaysia. The cost may differ a little. To get a clear view, visit official websites of the universities.


There are fewer scholarships available for international students. It is quite tough to get scholarship for an international student. The amount of scholarship may vary from institution to institution. The universities of Malaysia are popular worldwide so getting education loan will not be a difficult job in this scenario.

Required IELTS score

IELTS is mandatory for all international students. An IELTS band of 6 can get you admission in a decent undergraduate course in any university whereas for postgraduate studies, you need to have an IELTS band ranging from 6.5 to 7. The required academic score may vary from university to university.

Medical Insurance

Like other countries, it is necessary for every student to opt for medical insurance. Most universities have collaboration with medical insurance agencies which provide fairly good deal regarding medical insurance.

Bank account

You must open a bank account in Malaysia. This will facilitate you convenience in payment of university fees and other essential things. Students support in university can help you with this. Moreover it is a very simple process. Students do not face difficulties in opening a bank account in Malaysia.

Issue of iKad

iKad is a identity evidence issued by government of Malaysia to every international student. With a nominal charge of money, they issue student this particular card. It is compulsory to have this card with every international student.

The iKad contains following information

  1. Name of student
  2. Passport number of the student
  3. Photograph
  4. Nationality
  5. University name
  6. Student Pass duration

Accommodation Options

University offer campus accommodation to students. The accommodation can be within campus or near to campus. These accommodations are comfortable and safe for students. But it is advised to apply for them before time. These accommodations fill really very fast. Also other option such as hostels, dorms and apartments are also available. You can find option for every budget here. Sharing an apartment is much cheaper than any other option and many students prefer it.

Part-time jobs

You can work for 20hours per week during semester period. There are certain jobs such as cashier, singer, dancer and some more which are not allowed by international students to do. So it is recommended to read the rules and regulation before taking any part time job.

Jobs after Degree

The opportunities are not many in some specific courses. You can find more jobs in research, technology, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industry.

Other Information

You cannot study two degrees at one time in Malaysia. Also you are supposed to go through medical check up 7 days prior to arrival in Malaysia. Failing to this the student’s pass of student can be cancelled. Students must go through medical check up in an authorized institution only.






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