Study in US 10 years before and now

Study in US 10 years before and now

Over the years, USA still continues to be the most favored destination for Indian students. Studies have shown that year by year number of International students going to US has been on a rise, there are 32 percent more international students, than were 10 years back.  During the academic year 2011-12 US received an all- time high number of foreign students i.e around 765,000; a decade back it was a completely different story, as it was only the elite family who could actually afford sending their wards abroad.

The only thing that has remained constant over the years is that, USA still continues to be the number one choice for Indian students, even though countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and a few others have shown a drastic increase; lately. Each year around 400,000 students from India go abroad for their higher education.

The major reasons for this partiality is as follows –

  1. USA has got a lot of top ranking universities.
  2. It is the most powerful and developed country in the world; hence a degree from any university there, shall be accredited worldwide.
  3. The universities there offer a lot of flexibility in the courses.
  4. Students from all across the globe get themselves admitted there; hence one can experience a lot of diversity in culture.

A recent report has shown that there has been a 40 percent increase in the number of international students in this 10 year span. During the year 2012-2013, US enrolled the highest number of international students ever. China, India and South Korea make up around 50 percent of the total number of International students in the US.

Out of the total international students going to US, a few rely significantly on scholarships, but the remaining i.e about 70 percent of them need to make amendments themselves, which include personal sources and loans.

From 2001 to 2009, reports have shown that India had held the numero Uno position for sending students to the USA, but in the academic year 2010-11, there was a slight fall, and that downfall has been ever increasing since.

The aspiring students from India; wishing to go abroad have received a major setback due to the continued economic stress, depreciation of Indian rupee, rising interest rates: thus result; that total number of students from India has gone down by 4 percent and this downfall is predicted to continue.