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Most of us faced hurdles in our education to clear our 12th standard. Up to 10th everything was much simpler and somewhat limited. After 10th we were subjected to specific course-oriented subjects. Managing academic studies as well as preparing for entrance exam was quite tough. I have seen many of my friends attempting the entrance again in the next year. The ambiguity does not stop here folks. In spite of our liking toward some other thing, it is a trend to enroll for engineering, medical or accounts. There is a popular saying for our Indians that  Indian students start thinking about their career not before graduation but after graduation.

There is one extra hurdle for those who want to pursue arts. There are not many popular ventures for arts and humanitarian students as compared to science and technology.


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This is somewhat appearing puzzling, right? Well, we have a new adventurous and exploring option for you. We are talking about summer training. Summer training is basically training during your vacation. You can take up basic language classes, learn about culture and art of the country, as well as you can opt for some professional courses. This is usually a training up to six weeks not more than that. Anything more than 6 weeks would enroll you under the proper course of the university.

Every university has a program where the student can learn the hierarchies and complexities of the course work. The purpose of this program is that students can take an idea of the vigorous academic course in the university. Students are also given demo classes of the course of their choice. The span of such program is 1 month to 45 days. The students, if satisfied with the course curriculum and the demo classes then could apply for full-time enrollment in the courses.

The extended version of this program is a full-length program. This often referred as ‘pathway program’ in abroad universities. These programs are for those who want to take a specific degree course. Those who want to increase their competencies in computing, research and any career-oriented module can apply for this course. This course is usually of nine months to 1 year. Later on, you can join for related degree program when you are completed with your pathway program. This program gives you the opportunity to pre-learn the course you intend to take. It also introduces you to course as well makes you skilled in the basic foundation of the course.

The summer training program covers most topics of the vast program. This inculcates skills and knowledge related to the training very efficiently among the international students. Universities offer credits and allot certificate after completion of the program. A certificate from the top abroad university is indeed of great importance in India, especially in business oriented studies. The variety of program for Arts, STEM and other prominent fields are available in which you can gain skills and advance knowledge.

The top 5 universities where you can enroll for the summer training are:

  • Wharton School of Business – University of Pennsylvania – for their Pre-College Programs
  • London School of Economics and Political Science Summer School
  • University of Surrey
  • Brown University
  • University of Cambridge Institute of Continuing Education

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