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Letter of recommendation and statement of purpose are both important part of your application. Some might not take it seriously but it is observed very keenly by your university personnel. Each year number of Asian competes for one seat in a university. The number can be sometime 10-15 competing just for one seat. At a certain time when your academic…

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study abroad

Misconception of Studies Abroad

Abroad Studies —– Too Costly!!!! Some people say Money is everything. With out money nothing is possible. Those are the people who would agree with the very first myth – Abroad Studies—– Too Costly!!!! But the fact is Good and quality education remains costly whether it’s home country or abroad. If you analyze and compare the actual expenses incurred by…

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when gmat exam held

When is the GMAT held?

All-round-the-year. As opposed to other examinations, you can select your own time frame and time for taking the GMAT! The check is applied in the above places five-days-a-week (Monday through Friday), twice-a-day. Sept to Dec is the peak interval for GMAT, so in situation you plan to take the check during this interval, you need to sign-up very beginning (say…

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