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How to get scholarship living studying abroad?

For living and studying outside your country you  always need a financial security. The cost required for education in your home country and the cost required to study in other countries vary. The difference between currencies makes it more expensive to study abroad. But to the rescue of this many countries offer scholarships to their foreign students. These scholarships cover…

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Innovative Scholarship

The Berlin  University of Innovative Authority lately declared the ‘Piyush Pandey Innovative Authority Scholarship‘. This special grant opportunity was established to honor Indian Ad Expert Piyush Pandey’s long-standing service and assistance of the college. He lately provided as class “Godfather”, in which he joined select program segments and provided as an honorary industry tutor to senior creative professionals from around…

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Dr Manmohan Singh PhD Grant 2013

  Following the statement of the champions of the 2012 version of the scholarship, Upcoming International Management program, performed by St John’s College at the Arlington School is now recognizing programs for the Dr Manmohan Singh PhD Grant 2013. Initiated in the year 2007, the program had been implemented in identification of success of Dr Manmohan Singh, pm of Indian…

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