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After our article  many of our readers asked us queries on how the packing should be done. So we decided to put an article on this topic. You must be ready with your packing list and the only thing left for now is to start packing. Well you may have to cancel some of the things from your list because you need to accommodate all your stuff in just three bags. The weight of the two bags can be less than or equal to 23kg and the third bag’s weight limit is 7kg. So adjusting all your favorite stuff and everything that you will need for over 2years in such a less weight limit may turn out to be tricky. Not to worry, we are here to spell out everything for you.

There is a simple rule you need to follow while packing. If it is something you will get there in less cost then you must not pack it with you. Avoid stacks, of not so useful things, taking with you. Remember this, after you get a job there, you may need to relocate in different state and extra baggage may cost you more dollars. So plan accordingly. Try to pack less.

Check with the flights
Before booking your flight, check multiple flights and the maximum amount of luggage they allow to carry with you. This is completely necessary. You may get a benefit to pack extra with some flight. You can pack extra munching and books for you with this extra limit. So before you book any flight, check the weight rules of it.

Take it easy while packing formals. You will need them on a very few occasions such as graduation ceremony and placement interviews. Other than this you will be wearing casuals. Pack two formal trouser and three shirts. Pack 3-4 Jeans and 6-7 t-shirt, you can obviously purchase them there at affordable cost. Always keep 2 changes in you cabinet luggage so that you have a spare with you in case if you misplace or lose your luggage.

As we have alreay told you formal or leather pair of shoes is expensive over there, so take them with you. You must pack something for winters.  Woodland shoes are absolutely perfect for winter period. Beyond this a causal pair and sleeper is enough for the stay. Again you can also purchase shoes at a lesser cost over there.

Winter wear
Any sort of winter wear you purchase from here will prove insufficient for you there. The winters are harsh and you must pack enough of winter clothing with you. In fact while leaving from here dress in layers. This will help you to adjust with the changing weather while travelling.

You must consider the current climate when you do your packing. If the winters are going on and it is going to last for few more months than you must not pack your summer dress. If they are suppose to end soon then you may go on for packing more summer dress. Take an account of the weather prevailing over there.

Pick some of your toiletries
The moment you reach there, you will definitely need to get freshen up. So to pack some toiletries is not a bad idea. You will be prepared and will not have to rush from shop to shop to find your perfect products.

Laptop and Laptop bags.
You can purchase it there. So it is a better option to not take it with you. But you can take your laptop bag and utilize the extra 7kg offered on it. Stuff all your gadgets, other essential things into it. You must take full benefit of this luggage limit.

Socks and inners
We suggest you to get enough of these with you because they may turn out to be expensive while buying it there. You may also get choosy with the brands and quality. Moreover you may also go without laundry for many days. So pack enough of them thinking of how many days you can go without doing laundry.

Chose your bag wisely
A duffle bag is a must with you. If has lots of compartments and easy to pull straps. It is handy as well as easy to pull on stairs or uneven terrains. You can travel easily in buses and trains with it. A duffle bag will help you a lot while travelling. You may also want to visit some other places while you are in abroad. At that time this bag can be your backpack for travel adventures.

Important documents
It is an advice to carry all your important documents in a handy bag. So that the documents are easily accessible to you and always near to you when asked for security checking and other relevant purpose.

Money pouch
It is a good idea to keep some of the currency ready with you. You may need it for any purpose.

Food and kitchen ware
You must pack food which you will require to cook the day when you arrive. Be in contact with those you are travelling to the same destination and plan to pack kitchen ware in a group. You can take a few things while your friends can take a few of things.

Here is a bonus tip for you
It is good to check on the weight. But always keep a buffer of 2-3 kg in the luggage so that you can add anything required on the moment. Do not make it so full already that you are not able to accommodate anything later when you want.
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