Tips for solving Text completion in GRE.


The verbal section of GRE consists of half reading comprehension and other half of text completion. There can be 5-7 sentence completion in a verbal section. Text completion is of three different kinds; one blank, two blank and three blank. But all of them carry only one mark for correct answer. Text completion can be tricky sometimes, because it requires you to have knowledge of vast vocabulary. If you do not know the meaning of the word, you do not know its usage. So before starting anything I would recommend to have a strong vocabulary.


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Here are some thumb rules to make it through text completion.
1. Learn and know the word usage of at least 3000 GRE words. Just learning and knowing the meaning will not help. Sometimes a single word is used in many different contexts and you must know it.
2. When you read a long sentence, read it in parts. Try to break the sentence and analyze it. This is very helpful for 3 blanks text completion.
3. Try to anticipate the word before looking to the option.
4. You can try each option putting in to the blank. This only works for one blank sentence completion.
5. You should know the purpose of conjunction words. Like ‘And’ is use for adding information e.g. cruel and brutal; ‘Hence’ for declaring result; ‘unlike’, turning the sentence to other end etc.
6. Make sure you have gone through each option before selecting your answer.
7. Make yourself familiar with the tricks used in text completion. For this practice is the only choice.
8. Do not choose an option for dual blank just because one of the answers matches with it.