Tips for writing Arguments in GRE.


Analytical writing in GRE consists of two parts, Argument essay and Issue writing. In this article we are concern about how to write an Argument essay. You get 30 min time to write 300 words in this part. Some say you must not exceed this limit, but during some cases it has been seen that there is always an increment of 0.5marks with each paragraph you write. You get marks out of 6 in this section. The Argument passage are of three types; simple, comparison and extrapolation. In simple you deal with general statements; in comparison, a comparison between two things is given and in extrapolation, a thing beneficial in one part is recommended to implement in other part.


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The Argument section is introduced to check your reasoning ability as well as your writing skills. So make sure you write in proper Grammar as well as in proper format. Unlike verbal and quants you get your AWA(analytical writing) score separately when your score card is generated. This section is checked by a real examiner and not by computers.

1. To begin with, do not ever agree with argument. You need to find out all the loops holes and have to contradict with the given statement.
2. Read the passage and mark the key words. Key words such as numbers, statistics, survey etc.
For example: the world wide survey says there is 50% increase in the sale of Alpha product so we should keep this product in the supermarket of Omega town.

Loop hole1: firstly we must notice ‘worldwide survey’; a worldwide survey cannot necessarily depict the generalization in a small part of world. May be the survey is average of many towns and the popularity of Alpha product is least in Omega town.

Loop hole2: the number 50% does not say anything about the actual sale. The number can be previously 10 and now 15.

3. While writing the passage, start with the introduction of the passage and the conclusion that the author has given. The introduction should not be too long.

4. In the first paragraph you should give evidences which author has put before us for his conclusion.

For example: author wants to convey that there should be inclusion of Alpha product in Supermarket of Omega town with the evidences such as there is 50% increase in the sale of the product as per a worldwide survey, (and all the loop holes you have figured out)

5. From the next paragraph start justifying your argument. Do not repeat your evidences, you have already mentioned them in first paragraph.

6. For each loop hole there should be one paragraph.

7. At last, you must include a paragraph which tells what additional information author should have given to bolster his argument.
For example: the author must have mentioned about a local survey than a worldwide survey and about actual sale increase and not percentage increase.

8. For extrapolation type, a paragraph for similarities and dissimilarities between two situations should be mentioned.


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