We Indians may travel all over the world and have numerous cuisines but food at our home tastes the best to us. We all are fond of food. They say good mood and good food are directly proportional. There are so many things to look after while studying abroad and getting delicacies of our choice is also one of them. Food cooked with love and warmth is always tastier than any five star cuisines. So no doubt one of the biggest challenges in the quest for higher studies in abroad can be food! This one is faced by every Indian student in abroad unless you are born master chef or belong to royal dynasty.

University campus allows you to join their mess. These are affordable and provide you three course meals. Different students give different opinion on this meal. If you are staying outside campus, you are going to suffer. Either take strong cooking lessons from your mother or be ready to spend a lot of money on buying your favourite Indian food.

So rather than spending much money on food expenses, here are some food hacks to let you manage food budget.


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Trick no.1

Buy pots and pan:

To cook food is the best option. With a cooker an induction stove you can cook many dishes. A small pan and 1-2 pots will be sufficient to start your own kitchen. Trust us these few things with you can save nine during your abroad stay.

Trick no.2

Spices and pickles:

Ages past and we are still obsessed with our treasure of spice. Not only Indian but people from all over the world are seems to love spices from India. The obsession is obvious; they make our food so delicious. Just remember, when you are taking such things with you, make sure they do not get confiscated at the airport. The rules and regulation of airport are very stringent so be ware.

Trick no.3

Maggie that is never cooked in 2 minutes

Get this in mind that you cannot survive just on packed foods. So taking them with you in bulk is really not a good idea. After a week or two you are going to be bored of it and the ‘precious’ stock can go worthless. The packed food is also not that nutritious to keep you healthy and sound throughout the stay. So packed food will be a big no no friends this time.

Trick no.4

Go healthier

If you are lucky to have your university close to a village then friends you are surely going to enjoy fresh fruits and vegetable with so much  affordable prices. There are weekly markets held so that farmers can come at a pre determined location and day to sell out their products. You can find dairy products, variety of fruits, vegetables at an insane price here. You will surely get best of the deals hear.

Trick no.5

Juice it!

Making juice can be as simple as throwing few fruits and vegetables with water into mixer. There can be nothing as great as starting a day with a fresh juice. This can be very refreshing as well as energy giving to start off the day. Not to forget, this simple thing has the most nutrition value. You can feel the benefits of drinking it within a week. So fast, right?

Trick no.6

Go Eggactly!

Eggs are the richest source of proteins and vitamins. There are so many recipes you can try out with eggs. It is not just omelette or scrambled eggs. There are yummier recipes than this. You can check it out online. There are so many for you.

Trick no.7

Starbucks are costly.

A simple coffee can cost you stars in starbucks. Jokes apart! You can go bonkers looking at the rate card of the coffee at any famous food chain so best is to buy your own coffee maker and make a customize coffee for you. Well or go Indian style, there are no replacement for a filter coffee.


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