It is necessary to get a grasp on not only on topics and issues taught in classroom but also on things in your surroundings during study abroad. You get to feel home when you blend in culture. The students find the university life more interesting when they actually move out of university and take the view of the country.

The best to know the culture is to try the cuisine of that country. There are two main benefits of this, one you develop a new taste, and other you get to gel with more people. So here is list of 10 food and drinks which are must try when you live in Germany.

  1. Gluhwein

Four cups with Glühwein are pictured during a toast on the Christmas market in Hamburg, Germany, 05 December 2012. Photo: Alex Ehlers

This is famous Christmas drink and is available in Christmas market throughout Germany. This is actually a mixture of red wine, cinnamon, spices, lemons and orange peels. The mixture is heated and mostly served in mugs. It is very popular among German and so do on our list.

2. German Sweets


When you reach Germany, you will find the chocolates, which were expensive at your home country, are quite cheaper here. They come in various flavors and plus during holidays they offer you special flavors for a limited period. Something that will excite you the most is the packaging of these sweets. They come in various eye catching and attractive packets. It is fun to open them and they taste even yummier than what they look. Besides from chocolates, you get variety of gummies here. So you do not have only gummy bear in you option when you arrive here.

3. Doner Kebab


This is the most common type of fast food available in Germany. You can find it everywhere. The kebab is made of special bread with meat, chicken, and veggies stuffed in it. Different types of sauces with it make it even tastier. The Doner Kebab is a Turkish influence and it meets to Indian spicy requirement. You can find kebab shops open till late night. German people have it in lunch, dinner and everywhere possible. It is quite popular over here.

4. Speziii


Okay, this drink is something we do not get in India. It is a mixture of cola and orange soda. You can find this drink in Germany with many different brands. Germans love this drink and it will surely catch your attention too when you arrive there.

5. Black forest Cake


We all love this cake. We mean who will not love the combination of chocolates, cherry, cream, sugar and butter all in one. The name black forest is not because it has been originated from any forest or mountain region. It is because it has one special liquor ingredient in it. The Germans do not consider a cake simply black forest if this special liquor is not added in the mixture of the cake. This is a must try during your stay in the country.

6. Beer


Germans are known for their love towards beer. They are fond of it. Students often find a hangout place and meet friends there. They are often seen committed to that place during their stay. The famous festival Oktoberfest is a fest where Germans celebrate Baravian culture. There is beer, food and traditional music over here. The fun fact is when you purchase a beer can you can take the beer can with you and later on you can return those empty cans for your refund. So it is sometimes good to collect not so worth stuff also 😛

7. Currywurst


This food type is the matter of debate for many towns. They keep on arguing which town serves the best Currywurst. You can find sausages common in each variation but there is always discrepancy with the sauces. In some places they serve it with tomato sauce while in other place they serve it some other special sauces. They get potato chips or fries as a side dish with it. It is considered to be most popular among working class. You will find this street food almost everywhere.

8. Breads and bakery product


You can find bakeries in every nook and corner of Germany. People in Germany are very fond of bakery product and so it is reflected from the huge number of bakeries in Germany. You get different types of breads and they all have different taste to it. Each bakery has its own specialty product. You will be surprised to see how many varieties of breads exist in the country. You must try them all.

9. The Wurstsala


People in Germany are so much in love of sausages that they made a salad out of it. The salad may not appear tasty in the first look but when you eat the salad, it surely wakes up your new taste buds. It is mostly served with nutritious veggies and cheese mixed with the meat.  They also add vinegar to the mixture just to add a tangy taste to it.

10. Wiener schnitzel


And how can you forget Wiener schnitzel. You can find this dish in every restaurant in Germany. Whether it is classy or budget restaurant, you will observe Weiner Schnitzel in all of the menu cards. It is deep fried meat covered with flour, beaten eggs and bread crums. You also get baked potatoes as a side dish with it. Sometime is also has salad of cucumber, potatoes and wedges of lemon with it.









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