Total Cost For Masters Program in United States(USA)

Total Cost For Masters Program in US

You are going to study abroad USA for any Master’s Program but in dilemma about the budget required for your course and other factors. The major factor of your worries is Money….. Right?.
The living and Education Factor depends upon the many things like Living, Food, Dresses, Fun and Parties, Traveling, Medical, Books and other day to day required things for Living. Here it’s a basic analysis for any Student’s going to USA for their Master’s Program.

Tuition Fees (2 years) (Rs) 24,00,000Rs (Dollars) 35,334$
Living Cost (2 years) 15,00,000Rs 18,152$
Total 39,00,000Rs 53,486$
Less Part Time Earnings/RA/TA/CPT) 13,00,000Rs 18,582$
Net Cost 24,00,000Rs 32,304$
Assistantship/Scholarships Yes
Nature of Part Time Jobs On campus 20hrs per week
Money to be spent by student 20,00,000Rs 30,304$
 Total Cost Required is ~ 25,00,000 to  ~30,00,00Rs  ~43,334$

Above all Figure Taken are the approximate Cost Require for any general student. This varies students to students. if students not spending much amount for his luxurious and rich life the cost can be at lower site. student can save His/Her Money on Unnecessary Lifestyle.

You may need to pay accordingly to the Currency Rates. When currency rates are higher site you may require to pay more amount for your education. Your budget can be balance with the scholarships which you will receive from the university.
Read this article if you have any doubts about currency Ratio and Education.

Is it suitable to plan for abroad studies that to when value of Indian rupee is falling down