US OR UK? Which is better?

usa or uk which is best country for education

uk usa

A sudden and a lame thought:  Should I go abroad for further studies?

A lame thought but left many questions in mind.

  • Which country should I choose??
  • Which country is safe??
  • Which country has world class Universities?
  • Will it cost more to study abroad?
  • Will I get scholarships?
  • What are the housing options?
  • Will I be able to get a perfect job as per my taste?
  • Will I be able to adjust with new people?
  • Will I get a course and the University of my choice?
  • How will be food and culture like?
  • What are the job prospects once I graduate?
  • Which college and course best suits my qualifications?
  • Will the fees be covered by an educational loan?

When thinking about an overseas education, there are a number of issues to consider. In short cost effectiveness, better quality education, part time jobs, career opportunities are some of the important factors which students want to be clear about while going abroad.

And Yes!! With all the questions in mind planning to go abroad for higher studies can prove to be a very exciting process if you plan well  taking into consideration all the above factors and organize your self and get all the collected information, before you think of stepping out from your home count to go abroad.

Now, The important question is… Which country should you choose for abroad studies???

With 196 countries spread across the globe, it’s really hard to pick one country which you can say the best among all the countries.

If you want to be one of the followers then according to studies conducted the favorite destination among students for abroad studies is USA or UK…

Why is it so??

United States of America with its vivid culture and economically the strongest among the world boasts of having world class Universities (USA offers more  top universities than any other country (57 of the top 200 according to the 2009 Times Higher Education Supplement ranking), universally recognised for quality education, innovation, creativity and excellent job opportunities.

UK ranking second to US offers world class and also many top ranked Universities like the University of Cambridge, currently ranked the second best university in the world, according to the 2012/13 QS World University Rankings .

Four UK universities currently rank among the world’s top 10. There are a total of 30 institutions in the top 200, and 55 in the top 700. A shortage of options, then, will not be an issue for the UK-bound international student.

UK Universities are popular for their short term, cost effective and flexible courses.

It is a great place to learn English and immerse yourself in British history and culture.

UK universities are attracting a large number of students from other countries and is a

No. 1 country and favorite destination among international students.

While it is very difficult to say, which country is the better, let’s check out the distinctive features each country has which can help you rather to decide the country you want to choose.