USA Entry Criteria’s for Undergraduate Programs

Entry and Evaluation Criteria for bachelors in in usa

US requires 12 years of education and a good SAT /ACT and TOEFL Scores.

  •  Bachelors degree is of four years.
  • However, SAT is required for Scholarships.

 For Engineering programs, students need to give any two of the 3 subject tests: Advanced Maths, Physics,  chemistry. For BBA, students need to give Maths & English.

SAT is a paper based test, consists of writing, critical reading and maths. It is conducted 6 times a year in the months of Jan, May, June, Oct, Nov & Dec.

Usually the TOEFL/IELTS requirement at the undergraduate level is lower than the Masters.

To get admission into:

  • Top 50 Universities, students require academics 80+%, SAT I (1800‐2400), SAT II (700/800 in each subject test), TOEFL 90+/IELTS 7.0
  • Top 51100 Universities, students require academics 65%, SAT I, TOEFL 80/IELTS6.5
  • For average colleges, students require academics 55%, TOEFL 60/IELTS 6.0

Exam fees : SAT $ 91, TOEFL $165.

Other factors that are looked into are the extra curricular activities that the student has been involved in, the research that the student has done in his particular subject. His documents such as Resume, Letters of recommendation & Essays are also very crucial & have to be drafted very effectively.

It is advised to students who have done their diplomas (3 years) to get their credentials evaluated (can be through WES, since there are high chances that the student might get some transfer credits, thus saving him the cost, time & effort of repeatedly studying the subjects that he has already done.

The student who are in bachelors in India can go to USA as transfer cases. They do not get 100% credit transferred. Depending on the University to University & how many Indian courses will match with USA syllabus student can apply as a transfer case.

For Bachelors program SAT is not required for transfer cases.