Importance of Bank Statement

Education in abroad is expensive. Even native people of the other country consider it expensive. So to be sure that student can afford their education while studying in abroad every university is bound to...

Effect of Fake Bank Statement

The fake bank statements can often put you in a fix. They seem a quite easy way and shortcut for the visa process but mind you these steps are risky and cause you serious...


Every international student studying in United States dreams of earning their dream dollar. We all are enthusiastic of working and making money while living abroad. Some want to pay their extra bills with the...
Visa Rejection from Visa High Commission

10 Reasons for your Visa Rejection from Visa High Commission

Your Visa may reject due to various reasons. High Commission for student visa applications from India and are of high risks. Read top 10 reasons for your rejection of Visa. You have to study...

New : Australian Visa Application Form Updates

According to the recent changes by Australia's Visa Commission,  Australian visa application form “157 A” required for main applicant has been updated with few changes by Australian High Commission. Now onwards you need to...

What is LCA for H1b?

With this article your many doubts on LCA will be clear here. Here are few points that clearly explained about the LCA, What LCA is about? What are the uses of LCA? How to apply for LCA? When...


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