Studying abroad seems like a dream worth living for everyone. Some see it like a fun and party all two year and some an opportunity to travel a new place. But friends let’s face it, you are there to study and this requires a lot of efforts. And trust us these efforts are going to count insanely when come to reimburse. A average student is not who is academically low, if you are of this concept then let us tell you that the finest mind of world were average but they made nailed it with their devotion and determination towards their work. And for just sake there is nothing like above average and below average.

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We know the education system in India and abroad make a huge difference. The people out there do not categorize students as average and above average or so. They make their efforts to improve their skills. I guess hardly any institute in India make any such effort. If the person is not good in something they are not forced to get better in the particular thing and if the person is good at it they make effort to make him excel in it. The education system in our country follows the rule the more well known the institution is (in a good way), the more intelligent will be alumina passing from it. Well it does not hold for recruiters in other country. Even if you are a pass out from a Tier2 university, you are considered equivalent to a student from MIT or any other famous institute. Unless the institute is on the very end of the bottom recruiters in other countries do not categorize students.

There education system is different from our country. In other countries you do research, I mean real research. While in India it’s mostly maintenance of the research work. You have new horizons to touch and new skills to improve. New technologies waiting for you and opportunities making way toward you. Education system in abroad do not judge your ability on your current or past scores. They see the determination and loyalty toward your field. You can create opportunities for yourself.

Do not fear of new things. An ‘average’ student of India can outperform in other countries. You are just required to give it a thought and yes you are required to put your best. The tuition fees is huge in other countries and believe us it is not any matter of concern. We come across many cases when some get 50% scholarship, some get fellowship etc. we remember a guy with 7 GPA with an acceptable score in GRE made it to US. He decided to give this time his best try. With efforts and determination he got the position of RA and earned 2000USD per month. Well again with a part time job he made another 6000USD during his stay. It made a great difference in paying his fees and mind you this guy is currently earning  profusely with a job in his specialized field.

So to know that even if you have a slightest thought of going to abroad, do not drop it. You will be missing a whole lot new experience and a great opportunity. Do it! And most importantly do it correctly. If you are there, you must be focus on your goal. This is the chance you have, avail it. The efforts you put in the process are worth it and they are going to reimburse. Avail the opportunities and make your stay count in abroad.

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