What are the challenges in Abroad Education?


student leave their homeland behind with merry dreams in their eyes expecting a whole new set of opportunities, challenging jobs and great career come to other countries. They are determined and focused but there are still some hurdles to cross for successful life . They face many hardships but the one who makes it through it finds it totally worth.

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Visa process:

Some time visa process is may prove a challenge. The visa provider can question you in disconcert way and can get panic. More annoying can be when our visa is rejected we are not told the reason. So may keep a guessing it while the reason can be anything.

Money required:

For abroad education you need to have a certain amount of money in your bank account. A statement of bank assuring that you are able to spend atleast  one year in the country on your own without working there . For many of students arranging this much amount of money can be difficult task. But to the solution to this various scholarship and bank loans can be applied for.

Coping with the culture:

Landing to a completely different culture from your can cause hustle in life. Coping with it can take a time. But best way is to make friends in new place try to to acceptable to new ideas. Develop respect for other culture as much as you want your culture to be respected

Home sickness:

Living away from our near and dear ones ,  without our supporters and with a feeling of being different from people living in other country can  cause loneliness. It may make you feel left alone.

Foreign language:

Not knowing their language makes your communication less with the local people. You tend to cut yourself from crowd. This sometime can cause inferiority sense within. You feel like an outsider.

Managing with the time and curiosity to know things in back home town:

Two different time zones can ask your patience most of the time. Being there for all big days happening in your friends and family can lead to annoyance.

Influential addiction:

Some student find themselves in the trap of addiction which in return can hamper everything, their education, career etc. they feel less motivated and discouraged for attending classes in such situations. This is among the toughest challenge to deal with, to keep oneself away from addiction.

Early disappointment :

After masters degree when students can not get job in their first few month they may get sick with depression and coming out of this can take a time.