Last time, you did packing for your summer vacation and you managed to put everything which you will require. You consider yourself ‘Pro’ in packing now. But my friends cum readers, that was an easy task, you were not put to any restricted luggage limit nor you were away from home for such a long period of time. Packing is definitely a crucial part while leaving. Some of you already have their admit cards, done with the visa process, you have your bags packed, and currently must be dreaming of leaving the space with good memories. I am sure you do not want your rosy dream to be interrupted by some officers throwing your extra luggage just when you enter the airport. You must be concise as well as smart while packing. Our article will provide you with some packing tips specially mentioning those things which you should avoid while packing when leaving for abroad. So fasten your seat belts, our flight is about to take off!


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  1. Control your taste buds

We know, we know! You cannot live even a day without those munching prepared by your mother. Your breakfast starts with delicious Indian snacks and your lunch and dinner has your favorite pickle included. But we would suggest you not to pack all these things with you. It unnecessarily will occupy space and make your luggage’s weight heavy. Moreover if your food spills from its container than it’s a sheer trouble for you. You should get prepared for experiencing new flavors and developing new tastes. To the top of it, your family members can always send you your favorite snack later on. So watch  out foodies, you need to compromise your confectionery this time.


  1. Your shampoo and moisturizers

They are essential. We know you cannot manage without them, but you can get similar brand and even better brands there. What we recommend is you must carry just enough of toothpaste, shampoo and other stuff to last up to 2-3 weeks. We mean, surely you need to brush and get freshen up the moment you land there. But do not stock something thinking that you will need it for whole two years.

After discussing this, we can say every rule has its exception and so does this one. You can pack sunscreen lotions and contact lens solution. We recommend you this because they will cost you like feeding a huge dinosaur there. But remember just Sunscreen and Contact Lens Solution!


  1. Book worms, change your habit!

We are not asking you to give up your most cherished hobby that is reading. But we are surely saying to switch to E-reading. They are more convenient. Reading is everyone’s hobby and if you really cannot live without reading than just 1 or 2 is more than enough. Books are heavy and they cost you much space. Accommodating your bulky books may compel you to drop some of your most essential things back in your home land. We will strongly recommend you to use E-books. They are easy to carry and you can have it on the go with your laptops and tablets.


  1. How many shoes?

‘How Many’ is always ‘So Many’. My dear readers, you are not out on a modeling assignment so avoid packing all your footwear collection. A formal pair, a casual pair, a sandal and a sleeper is enough we would say. Moreover over you can buy footwear there. You will get them at an affordable cost. Leather pair or formal shoes are quite expensive in abroad so we would recommend that to pack them without fail. You do not want to spend extra dollars for this thing the moment you reach there.


  1. Valuables

You must have heard or read about getting robbed or theft in abroad. The danger of being robbed is still there. So if you are wearing valuables, drop them straight away at home. We completely respect your sentiments  but it is always recommended to keep them safely rather than losing it forever.                  You can always carry photograph of your beloved ones and something that does not have value in the ‘Second Hand’ market.


  1. Multiple Electronics

Instead of taking iphone, ipod, camera, music player, etc. we would say just take your phone with you. You know with all these stuff comes all chargers and this again is counted in unnecessary stuff. Your phone is enough and must stick to it only. For your kind information, you would need to buy a new gadget over there. Technology (darling)!!!!!  varies from country to country!!! So you can avoid taking superfluous baggage with you. We will though suggest getting an adapter or converter from here.     They save nine during your stay.

Bonus tip!

Get a smaller bag instead of a huge suitcase. This will allow you to pack smartly. A smaller one would compel you to pack only essential things and will reduce your unnecessary weight. A bigger one gives you option to stuff all the things. Choose your bag or suitcase wisely. Try this tip.

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