Why study in Germany?


Germany is the country known for its quality education. Each year near about 28,000 foreign students land in this educational hub and German government still in process to increase this number even more for foreign students, upto 25% more. There are variety of alluring reasons to study in Germany.



  Quality of Education:

If you have a degree from German university them most probably you are having the best degree. German universities provide you quality of education in less cost. Most German universities are in top 500 universities of world. So if you are studying in Germany , you are studying in top most university.


 Education cost:

Unlike education in other countires like UK, US ; German universities do not exploit you financially for tuition fees. Germany is offering free education in about 11 states of country out of 16state. It just takes a nominal fees of 500euros for tuition fees and 50uros-250euros for semester contribution in some universities. The living expenses are quite high in Germany requiring 740euros month. But that can be sovled by doing part time jobs for 120 full days and 240 half days giving you 8euros-12euros per hour.


Academic effort pays:

There is no reservation depending upon  for people from specific country, caste and creed or gender. Admission is strictly provided on basis of merit and academic achievements. Your published paper, patents, work experience and skills all are taken into consideration while looking to a application.



Getting visa for Germany is not as difficult as in USA or UK. IF you are from EU, EEA or Switzerland you do not even require a visa just need to register in nearest office. While for some countries you need to sign a bond that you will not work till you are here to study. You can check list of these countries on DAAD. Other than that remaining countries need for apply pre-visit visa from German embassy.


Bond with local people:

Germans are not that serious and strict as they are most known for. They are very jocular and interactive people. People from same countries form a group and live like family there but we would suggest to establish a bond with local people and get to know the culture more it will surely help you to seek part time jobs. German people make friends easily and retain their friendship through thick and thin.


Fun and independent life:

Germany is known for its beer love. People often set their choice of place to hangout, meet there with friends and commit to this place as long as they stay. Germans are too much obsessed with sports and they will make sure they make you obsessed with their home team. Night life of Germany is needed to be talked about. You will never find yourself left alone. It’s always something happening around.