How to Write Statement of Purpose


Statement of purpose is a solo document which carries major importance while applying to universities. You are not present to make yourself count in front of admission committee. The only thing with they can imagine you is through Statement of purpose, most commonly we call it SOP. The SOP must be vibrant and impressive enough holding them to read it till the end. It must stand out to make a long lasting positive impression on the admission committee.

Here we are trying to tell you some of the important point while creating a final draft for SOP.




1st Paragraph

It should be an introduction of you and the path you have chosen so far. For example if you are an engineering student, you must cite the reason what led you to choose an engineering stream. Be sure to write a good reason. Reasons like family motivated or coerced me, or getting a good score in my intermediate course etc can project a negative image. Also to track why you chose the particular field should not start right from your childhood.  The first paragraph can be short and precise.

Why the particular course?

First decide a course of you want to pursue in abroad. This paragraph deals about the reason you have chosen this course. Many a time students graduate in one particular stream and they wish to change the stream in post graduation. In such situations, this paragraph can convince the admission authority about the change. They can consider it if you explain it politely.  Never mention reason like this field has lot many opportunities. They sound too childish.

Ongoing and completed projects

Mention about the projects you have done. If you have projects relevant to the course you are applying then it gives you plus points. Mention the project detail concisely. Give a brief idea. Also mention the duration of the project. Things like your contribution in the project and learning outcomes is worth mentioning.  You must highlight the reason behind making the project.


A training, internship or work experience in a relevant should be mentioned. You should quote the responsibilities you were given during this experience. Mention the experience of implementing theoretical knowledge practically. If you have more than one work experience then mention them in reverse chronological order. The learning outcome should be mentioned with terse words.

Extracurricular Activities

It is needless to say if you are winner of any national or international competition it is worth mentioning. This bags you more attention than others. These achievements can be in anything. Mention about your hobby and any fellowship you did.


The important thing is to conclude things rightly. There should a defined conclusion. You can write about why you are choosing their particular university to apply in this particular course. You can mention thing like course faculty, alumina and what contributions you can make to the course and university. Obviously you have to do a little research for this. University website is the best place for this.

For a good SOP you cannot just rely on the examples given over internet. For a good rather best SOP you need to write down what you actual thought. They are cleverer than you, so if you copy they will know it. Give this thing a little more time. Frankly speaking when I prepared mine I wrote one paragraph each day. I asked my friends to read it and give suggestion. I improvised it accordingly. The SOP is not that tough thing. You are creating your own reflection and no one can create it better than you, because you know yourself the most.

Here is the outline that can help you. Answer these questions and you will find it much easier to write

  1. Why you want to be a physicist? (Example)
  2. Enlist those experiences which inspired you to take this decision
  3. What are your immediate goals?
  4. What are your future goals? (After the degree)
  5. Why the particular university?
  6. Why you feel you are the right candidate for the seat?