countries which students have to choose for studying at abroad after Covid-19

countries which students have to choose for studying at abroad after Covid-19


After the shock of the quick spread of the COVID-19 outbreak, you may be worried that you will not be able to study abroad this year.
The brave and fast  adaptive plan taken by universities across the world,  among  the current circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic deserves a lot of appreciation. Unfortunately, they don’t get much of it today. Never in the history have academic institutions, companies and nonprofits come together to aid and serve the student population as obsessively as today.
This goes on to also show that institutions and companies with sound fundamentals and supportable   tech-barriers  will lead the pack in the new normal. Over the past couple of months, we have received thousands of queries on our platform

Here are our own list of the top countries as study abroad destinations where we will continue to see things moving upwards in the future:

1. New Zealand

New Zealand, renowned for its food and sports is an incredible spot to visit and is a magnificent spot to examine. It’s exceptional highlights are lavish green slopes, brilliant sand, sea shores, rich rainforests all inside a couple of hour’s drive. The number of residents in New Zealand is almost four million. Individuals in New Zealand are known as “Kiwis” and are neighborly. They love to travel and in this way know about various societies. Maybe the primary nation to have the option to level the bend and bring it every day new COVID19 cases down to 0, New Zealand has consistently been in the blind when it came to top examination abroad goals.

But the heroic feat by the NZ Healthcare system is making the rounds and the Indian student’s dormant love for NZ has released new potential. A country plump with academic potential and amazing cultural diversity is now leading the way by introducing their unique way of teaching the future generations.

A country plump with academic potential and amazing cultural diversity is now leading the way by introducing their unique way of teaching the future generations.

Home of the legendary Maori culture and the Kiwi spirit, we are expecting the country to break some records in the International Student Mobility Statistics this year.

2. Germany

Germany has been the hottest European study abroad destination for Indian students for a while now.

Their universal understudy numbers have consistently been in the high ten-thousands in spite of their fairly relatively better expectations for choice.

The TU9 are a Mecca for Engineering and Technology understudies and with Germany’s tasteful reaction to the corona virus, worldwide understudy questions for confirmations have seen an enormous point. In the previous decade or thereabouts, these designing centered schools have opened up business colleges and extended their frame of reference of speculation by wedding innovation with business bringing about another age of tech pioneers and trendsetters.

As if that wasn’t all, now the country’s administrative arms have shown what they are capable of doing for their fellow community, especially the student community.

3. UK

Who hasn’t thought about studying in the UK in the last 6 months? With the new PSW VISA being extended for 2 years now in comparison to the last standard of 4-6 months, the UK has made the most strategic exit out of the EU.

The UK has constantly been counted among the top 5 study destinations for Indian students continuously for the past couple of decades, but now with the additional relaxation and extended stay back, it is giving US and Canada’s international student demand a run for its money.

While most universities are planning to continue business as usual and open up the gates as soon as it is purely applicable, it is really amazing to see how universities have come together and worked closely with partners like us to be at the forefront of a student-first approach to servicing their applicants and incoming students.

In the current scenario, universities have understood and taken prompt measures to welcome academic and industry collaboration, have shown trust in their strategic partners across continents and most importantly have decided to serve the student no matter what.

This is what we believe has been key to their success during the pandemic and will serve as a strong brand message in the new normal.

We are excited to see the student succeed in the coming future and will continue to build products and services that will aid this student of tomorrow to achieve their dreams.

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