The cyclone of various thoughts that goes around in the mind after taking the decision of going abroad is the biggest challenge in a student’s life. The list of questions that arises in one’s mind before applying for the VISA can be picturized in this way:

  1. Where do I need to start from?
  2. Where should I apply for my students VISA?
  3. What kind of VISA is required?
  4. What amount do I need to invest for it?
  5. How important is English for it?
  6. Is my family allowed to travel with me?
  7. Is the students VISA includes the work permit?
  8. How long can I stay there on the student VISA?
  9. Are the government policies hard for International students?
  10. How to obtain more useful information about it?

We would like to share some information related to this which may help students in solving few of their queries.

  1. Where do I need to start from?

The application for the student’s visa can be made only after the student is accepted for the course in that particular university. So the first thing that you have to do is to submit the application in the University for the Course that you would like to pursue. And also you have to meet the countries visa requirements as well. There are different criteria’s on which the VISA acceptance is dependent like:

  • Your citizenship
  • The country you have chosen for the course
  • The course that you wish to pursue
  • The University you are aiming at
  • How are you going to fund your education and stay

These criteria’s are just for the information rather every country has its own rules and factors for approving the VISA for their own land. You cannot say that only these are the ones.

Some countries don’t require the prior acceptance of the universities some require the letter of approval from the university.

In some countries you have to prove your citizenship and funds arrangement for the survival there. Your intention of coming back to the home country is also the major factor for the evaluation and approval of visa.

Almost every country wants the command over the language.

It is advised to apply for the VISA as soon as possible.

  1. Where should I apply for my students VISA?

The student’s visa has to be applied in your own country only with the help of various visa application centers. You have to visit the application centers and submit the required documents and other paper works which is mandatory for the process including the biometric information for the unique identification. For the VISA of US you require to attend the interview in the embassy or consulate only then the process moves further.

  1. What kind of VISA is required?

If you are planning for your post 16 education in the overseas country you will need a regular student’s visa.

  • In UK it’s called a Tier 4 (General Student) visa
  • In US this is called F1 Visa
  • In Australia it depends upon your home country and your chosen subject.
  1. What amount do I need to invest for it?

This one of the most important question that every individual come across when he thinks of study abroad. It is a very important factor in the visa application process. You are required to prove that you have enough funds for supporting your living cost along with the educational expenses. The investment for different countries may differ as per their rules. The criteria also differ from country to country. In some country you have to prove the funds availability for a year and in some for full tenure if your stay there in the country for studying.

  1. How important is English for it?

It is an obvious thing that we are applying for an English speaking country so our English has to be good. It may vary according to the course you have applied for. It may require y to have a complete English language knowledge accompanying with the certificate. As per the immigration rules you must have a very good understanding of English language. And if you fail to prove that you can understand the language you may face the rejection in the VISA process.

  1. Is my family allowed to travel with me?

There are different rules of different countries for the family to travel with you.

Like in US you have to prove the relationship with the dependent which should be convincing for the travel.

In UK you must be pursuing a post graduate degree for at least a span of 12 months and if you are a government sponsored student it makes it easy for the dependents to travel.

In Australia you have to prove the availability of funds for the dependents that you are travelling with.

  1. Is the students VISA includes the work permit?

The answer for this question is YES. Generally on student visa you are allowed to work for maximum of 20 hours per week. Once you started with the course in the university you can start with working as per your need but it can’t exceed to more than 20 hours. The same way the dependent if any can also start working.

  1. How long can I stay there on the student VISA?

The student’s visa allows you to stay there for the said duration of your course which was initially mentioned in the VISA application. The entire course duration is the duration of your stay there which may extend from 60 days to 120 days maximum depending on the country you are studying in.

However it may extend if you are working with a company on the permanent basis and company is ready to sponsor you visa depending upon the destination you have selected.

  1. Are the government policies hard for International students?

We come across much news regarding the changes in the policies which that being formed which makes it difficult for the overseas students to pursue their career there but it is not like its appearing. It appears as if the countries are making the immigration process and laws strict but it is actually protecting the education system abroad.

It actually prevents the faulty and unrecognized colleges which offers poor courses just for the sake of money in which generally the international students gets trapped in. These rules ensure that you receive an excellent education from a genuine and a recognized university.

  1. How to obtain more useful information about it?

There are many websites that provide useful information about the student’s visa process. You can get complete details about the process and requirement for the same.

Few of the helpful websites can be:-

  • USA Student Visas Explained
  • UK Student Visas Explained
  • Canadian Student Visas Explained
  • Australian Government –Students Visas
  • Impel Overseas Student Visa Articles
  • Impel Overseas Advice Pages

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